Roseburg Child Support Lawyers

At Arneson, Stewart & Styarfyr, PC, we have the knowledge and skill to guide you through any matters pertaining to child support. Our Roseburg lawyers can handle cases throughout Southwest Oregon. We will explain what you can expect to pay or receive using the child support calculator as a guide and help determine if facts exist to adjust the presumed amount.

Douglas County Child Support Modification Attorneys

Modifications can be made to child support only if there has been a significant change in circumstances, such as income changes or additional needs of your children. In these circumstances, our Roseburg child support attorneys are ready to assist you with your matter, and guide you skillfully through the legal process. Whether you are setting up payments, making modifications or need to enforce child support, we will strongly advocate for your interests. Our ultimate goal is to help you obtain the best possible solution for your family.

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Contact our attorneys online or call 866-977-1385 or toll free at 866-977-1385 to schedule an appointment regarding your child support concerns. Our office is in Roseburg, across the street from the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center, and near the Douglas County Jail and Courthouse. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted.