Protecting The Rights Of Clients Charged With Drug Offenses

At Arneson, Stewart & Styarfyr, PC, we defend clients in Roseburg, Oregon, and the surrounding area who have been charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin, prescription drugs and other controlled substances. Our criminal defense lawyers have more that 80 years of combined experience protecting the rights of our clients and helping them minimize the consequences they face.

We will thoroughly investigate the details of your arrest and look into whether the police properly followed search and seizure procedures. If we determine that law enforcement has acted unlawfully, we will attempt to get the evidence collected against you thrown out and your drug possession charges lowered or dropped.

We will also pursue possible treatment options on your behalf that may allow you to avoid jail time and keep your record clean. Contact us online or at 866-977-1385 or 866-977-1385 to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable attorney and secure dedicated criminal defense representation.

Defense Against Prescription Drugs Charges

You can be charged with unlawful possession of a prescription drug for something as simple as getting a pain pill from a friend or family member. We will aggressively defend you if you have been charged with taking someone else’s prescription drugs or forging prescriptions. We also represent medical professionals who are facing criminal charges and in danger of losing their license.

What You Need To Bring When You Meet With Your Attorney

  • Bring the charging document. This can be a citation, a District Attorney’s information sheet, or an indictment.
  • If you were jailed, also bring the release agreement from the jail.
  • Include any and all other documents that have anything to do with your case.

Contact us online to begin building a strong defense against your drug possession charges. Our office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m, with evening and weekend appointments available upon request. We are conveniently located in Roseburg, across the street from the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center, and near the Douglas County Jail and Courthouse. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.