Adult adoption: What is it, and can you do it?

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If you have married someone and they have adult children, you may never really have thought about adopting them as adults. However, if those children need support as adults or you just want to officially bring them into your family, then an adult adoption could be an option for you.

It can be a complicated process to adopt another adult, so it makes sense to look for some guidance throughout the process.

Is adult adoption legal?

Yes, though you will likely need the permission of the adult who you want to adopt. This legal process allows a single person or couple to adopt someone who is volunteering to be adopted.

Why would an adult want to be adopted?

There are a myriad of reasons why adults may want to be adopted. They may want to be adopted because you’re their birth family member or because they were a foster child who would like to be formally adopted into the family.

In some cases, medical necessity makes it a smart choice to adopt an adult who has special needs or health issues.

Another important reason could be for the purposes of inheritance. When you formally adopt an adult as your child, they will gain legal inheritance rights because of that relationship. So, if you want to be positive that you will pass on certain assets to them, an adult adoption may be a good choice.

What should you do if you want to adopt another adult?

If you are interested in adopting another adult, it is a good idea to sit down with them and discuss this as an option if you are able to. They will need to give consent in most cases, but if you express why you’d like to adopt them and how it may benefit them, they may be happy to go through with this legal change.

If you have the permission needed and would like to get started, then you may want to look into speaking with someone who can help you file the correct paperwork with the court and help you make this change official.