4 tips to remember about social media and the adoption process

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2021 | Adoption |

In the last two decades, people have become more and more accustomed to connecting with family and friends on various social media outlets. Since these sites have expanded to include space for professional references, dating opportunities and digital marketplaces, it is no wonder that individuals feel the drive to post status updates and exciting news multiple times a day. When preparing for an adoption, however, it might be wise to practice restraint.

While a complicated journey, the adoption process has an amazing reward at the finish line. Obviously, adoptive parents are excited and nervous about their future and want to share details with loved ones. However, there are numerous steps one should remember about posting about an adoption on social media outlets, including:

  • Privacy part one: Assume everything you say and post on social media is viewable by anyone forever. No matter your privacy settings or if you delete the post, people can still access the post through numerous archive features. Keep this in mind before you publish any post.
  • Privacy part two: When creating an update on social media, always remember that friends and family can share, like, respond and repost your update. Any level of engagement can expand your audience well past what you had originally planned.
  • Avoid debates: Social networking sites, as well as any type of internet forum, are known for sparking heated discussions. No matter how carefully curated your friends list, there will always be someone who disagrees with you. Invariably, engaging with this individual online can create a heated debate about your choices or the statistics of the process in general. It is wise to have this discourse offline so additional participants are not encouraged to enter the discussion.
  • Gauged criticism: While you might experience frustration, it is wise to measure your criticism no matter what process you follow. Whether it is an agency adoption, international adoption or surrogacy, any criticism can be construed as a personal attack.

While every adoption situation is different, adoptive parents are wise to consider these tips. The desire to share positive, exciting news on social media can be overwhelming. It is crucial to remember the audience and the potential future impact of what you say online.